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Press Release

The World’s Most Successful Companies Treat People Differently

Building strong employee engagement has been proven to lead to better decision making, improved productivity and more innovation - something all companies need if they want to succeed and survive in this competitive environment.

Harvard Business Review study found that 71 percent of executives rank employee engagement as very important to achieving organizational success. Yet, only 24 percent said their employees were highly engaged. This differential describes “the engagement gap,” and companies worldwide are clambering to find effective ways with which to bridge it.

In their new book, Build it: The Rebel Playbook for World-Class Employee Engagement (Wiley, Feb.  27, 2018), authors Glenn Elliott and Debra Corey share how the world’s most successful companies are doing things differently in order to bridge this engagement gap. The book is written from two distinct and different perspectives: the entrepreneur and CEO - Glenn Elliott - and the Corporate HR Director - Debra Corey. Together, they make a powerful combination as their contrasting experience makes for a book which is both inspirational and practical.

The book follows a clear and proven Engagement Bridge™ model, developed from working with thousands of leading companies worldwide on their own employee engagement journeys. The practical 10-part model highlights the areas which companies need to examine in order to build a highly engaged company culture and provides a framework for success. From recognition to benefits and driving the right kind of values to foster an innovative culture, the book will help companies develop their own bridge and lead a "rebelution" at their organization

More than just theoretical concepts, Build it shares the ways that leading companies are breaking with the status quo and treating their people differently – and it’s not by giving them health insurance, bonuses or perks. With case studies from 60 organizations that span many industries, Build it tells the stories of rebels and rulebreakers, disclosing some of their best secrets for engaging their people.

The authors demonstrate how progressive, effective approaches for bridging the engagement gap lead companies to outperform and disrupt. Their nonconformist practices have led them to generate stock market returns of twice the general market and they’ve had only half the employee turnover of their peers.

Elliott and Corey can share some of their best rebel stories, and can describe:

  • Which foundation and connective elements create a robust structure that bridges the engagement gap
  • Why it’s necessary to break the rules of HR and to rebel against the status quo
  • How transparency around salaries at social media company Buffer helped boost morale
  • How Gap Inc, improved performance and saved 130,000 hours per year by throwing out the annual performance review
  • How Southwest Airlines involved staff in developing and embedding organizational values
  • How LinkedIn developed a global employee Investment Day to link employees to a stronger sense of mission and purpose
  • How GE configured its new office space in Sydney, Australia, to enhance employee engagement and productivity
Build it is an essential guidebook for companies looking for ways to inspire and influence their people to choose engagement.   
“Great cultures are not about perks and foosball tables, and they are not about an easy ride. Great cultures are made by the achievement of great things by teams of great people, working based on a compelling mission in an environment where you can do great work.”Glenn Elliott and Debra Corey

Already flagged as an Amazon Bestseller, Build it carries endorsements from New York Times bestselling author Daniel H  Pink, Netflix former Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord and CEO and bestselling author Margaret Heffernan.

About the Authors

Glenn Elliott is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and speaker on employee engagement, leadership and company culture. He’s spent 18 years as CEO of growth technology companies and is now an investor and an advisor to boards on getting the best out of their people.

Debra Corey has 30 years experience in HR, with senior level roles at Fortune 500 companies including Gap, Quintiles, and Honeywell. An expert in global reward and employee communication, her teams have won numerous awards for their innovative solutions and she was named Employee Benefits Professional of the Year in 2012.

Elliott and Corey’s new book, Build it: The Rebel Playbook for World-Class Employee Engagement (Wiley, Feb. 27, 2018), highlights practical improvements that organizations can make to build a highly engaged company culture. Learn more at rebelplaybook.com.

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