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The world's most successful companies treat their people differently.
For the first time ever, their secrets are out.

They generate twice the stock market returns and have half the employee turnover. They innovate more, deliver better customer service and are more productive. They outperform their peers and disrupt markets.

With insight, case studies and practical advice from market disrupters including LinkedIn, Spotify, and Xero, plus the 10-part Engagement Bridge™ model, Build it : The Rebel Playbook for Employee Engagement shows how out-performing companies get more from their people.

The old ways of treating people have failed.

Only 30% of employees are engaged in their jobs. And in a technology-fueled, super competitive world, that's no longer enough.

Companies need to be on their A-game just to survive – we simply can't afford employee disengagement anymore.

While the rest of the world sleeps, a growing group of companies has recognized that something needs to change. 

What makes these companies stand out?

These companies have been quietly doing things differently for nearly two decades. They don't create easy places to work, they create good places to work. Places where their people are inspired and able to do their best work.

They do this by treating people differently. They break the rules of traditional HR. They rebel against the status quo.

And now, for the first time ever, their secrets and techniques are shared.

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You'll learn how employee engagement powers business results and the key basics of The Engagement Bridge – the ten-part model which the book explains.

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Praise for Build it

“Your all-things-necessary guide to employee engagement. You'll learn what engagement really means, why it’s so essential, and how to instill it in your workforce. Packed with some terrific case studies, Build it will help you transform your workplace.”

 Daniel H. Pink, New York times #1 bestselling author of DRIVE, WHEN, and TO SELL IS HUMAN

"Every company in the world is trying to disrupt itself before it is disrupted by newcomers. Everyone knows why but most struggle with how. Here is a book bursting with great examples, concrete actions, real success. It’ll give you ideas, debates, great arguments and, most of all, hope."

 Margaret Heffernan, CEO and author, Willful Blindness

"Practical, thoughtful, logical advice and examples for building a high performance culture. This is a terrific playbook by and for fellow rebels all over the world!"

 Patty McCord, former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix and author, Powerful

"A complete and practical guide to improving business through a people-first approach. The focus on values, rebelling, and treating employees with care makes this a fantastic resource for anyone focused on company culture and building a long-term mission-driven business."

Joel Gascoigne, Founder & CEO at Buffer

"Build It is a treasure trove of practical advice and tips for managers, entrepreneurs, leaders and HR professional, in fact, anyone who is responsible for building and nurturing organisations and people."

Petko Plachkov, Founder & CEO at CommuterClub

"Build it: The Rebel Playbook" brings these Rebels to life. 

The Rebels.

Companies with the best cultures generate stock market returns of twice the general market and enjoy half the employee turnover of their peers. Their staff innovate more, deliver better customer service and, hands-down, beat the competition. These companies outperform and disrupt their markets. They break the rules of traditional HR, they rebel against the status quo.

The Rebel Playbook has found these rebels and rulebreakers. From small startups to global powerhouses, this book shows that courage, commitment and a people-centric mindset, rather than money and resources, are what you need to turn a good business into a category leader.

Pictured : Rob Ollander-Krane, Head of Talent Planning & Performance at Gap Inc

A Proven Model.

The book follows the clear and proven Engagement Bridge™ model, developed from working with thousands of leading companies worldwide on their own employee engagement journeys.

The practical 10-part model highlights the areas which leaders need to examine in order to build a highly engaged company culture and provides a framework for success. From recognition to benefits and driving the right kind of values to foster an innovative culture, the book will help leaders develop their own bridge and lead a "rebelution" at their organization. 

Pictured : Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at Vaynermedia

Whilst explaining The Engagement Bridge model in detail. 

The Engagement Bridge explained in full

A ten-part model for examining your relationship with your people, The Engagement Bridge is explained in detail in Build it for the very first time.

With a full chapter for each element, Build it explains the strategy and the standard. Each chapter concludes with an "In Practice" section detailing Key Rebel Behaviours, Key Outcomes Rebels Strive for, and ideas for Getting Started.

All written from two unique perspectives

The Rebel Playbook was written from two distinct and different perspectives : The entrepreneur and CEO – Glenn Elliott – and the corporate HR Director – Debra Corey.

Together, they make a powerful combination as they weave a story through the ten parts of The Engagement Bridge™. Their contrasting experience makes for a book which is at the same time inspirational and practical.

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