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Meet the Authors behind the Rebel Playbook

Debra Corey Glenn Elliott- SmallThe Rebel Playbook was written from two distinct, different perspectives – the entrepreneur and the corporate HR Director.

Together they make a powerful combination. 

Glenn Elliott, the entrepreneur

Software engineer and MBA drop out, Glenn has twice been named an EY Entrepreneur of the Year and has sold his company, not once, but twice in the last 7 years. He's founded several technology businesses and has over 18 years of CEO experience.

For over a decade, he's been helping companies such as McDonald's and KPMG improve employee engagement. In the book, he’ll explain The Engagement Bridge™ model and its 10 elements which define the relationship between your company and it's people.

He'll share what he's learned through working with a diverse, global client base and also through the mistakes he made while building Reward Gateway into a $600m category leader in employee engagement technology.

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His favorite rebel (and why):

Oh, I can’t do a favorite – there are too too many, we’ve met some amazing rebels researching this book. Some of my favorites are Southwest Airlines, because of just how good they are in such a tough industry. St John’s Ambulance in the U.K., because of its genuine approach to involving the company's people in key decisions. And I also need to add GM Holden over in Australia for strengthening its culture in circumstances when others might have just given up.

His top advice for those who want to rebel:

Whatever role you have, however senior (or not) you are, don't worry. Recruit a little rebel army, find some colleagues who believe in what could be possible, read the book together and get started. All revolutions start in a tiny way with only a few people. Whether to your team, your department, your division or your whole company – you can make a difference.

Most rebellious thing he’s ever done:

Oh, there have been so many. In 2011, I moved our entire service organization to Bulgaria against our investors wishes because it would let us move to 24/7/365 service and I knew it was right for our clients. I told them I wouldn’t do it and then did it anyway. There are lots of stories like that, I think I’ve forgotten most of them.

Debra Corey, the HR Director

Debra brings 30 years experience in HR, with senior level roles at Fortune 500 companies including Gap, Quintiles, and Honeywell. An expert in global reward and employee communication, her teams have won numerous awards for their innovative solutions and she was named Employee Benefits Professional of the Year in 2012.

Her first book, on Effective HR Communication, was published in 2015. She's also a teacher for WorldatWork and speaks at conferences worldwide on reward and company culture.

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Her favorite rebel:

My favorite rebel has to be my co-author, Glenn Elliott. What makes him such a fantastic rebel is that he not only acts in a rebellious way, but he inspires, encourages and brings others along with him to be rebels themselves. Since joining Reward Gateway and working with Glenn, my inner rebel has been released and I’ve been able to develop and deliver HR programs which I would have never dreamed of creating. Watch out, world!

Her top advice for those who want to rebel:

My advice is to always remind yourself why you want and need to be a rebel. You'll be challenged and it may get tough, and if you keep in mind that you’re doing it for the good of your company and your workforce, it will give you the strength and passion to persevere and make change happen. Believe in yourself and the difference you can, and will, make.

Most rebellious thing she’s ever done:

There’s been many, but probably my first big rebellious act was moving with Gap from the U.S. to the U.K. to take on a new role. I didn’t have many of the qualifications they were looking for, but I convinced them to take a chance on me, and it turned out well for me and the company. It gave me the confidence to believe in myself and give anything a go, which has helped me throughout my career.


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