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Rebel Toolkit

Workshop Packs

If you've been to one of our interactive workshops, you can use the 'Making a Start with the Engagement Bridge' and 'Bringing Your Company Values to Life' workshop packs to start your own bridge building project in your organization.

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The Engagement Bridge™

Graphic of The Engagement Bridge™ which you're free to use in your own internal presentations and documents.

Download high-resolution EPS file for use on print
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3-minute overview

In this video, Rebel Playbook author Glenn Elliott gives an introduction to The Engagement Bridge™ in a 3-minute overview. You might find this useful for explaining the bridge during your board presentations and team meetings. 

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To download a MOV file for offline viewing or embedding in a presentation, follow the Vimeo link and click the Download button under the video title.

Explaining Employee Engagement

In this interview for The Telegraph Online newspaper, Build it co-author, Glenn Elliott, explains what employee engagement is and what benefits we see from engaged employees. He contrasts this with what disengagement looks like and explains how engaged companies create value.

Useful for anyone needing to win over other people to the employee engagement cause.

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