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Rebel Credits

"It takes a village to raise a child"

African proverb

Build it : The Rebel Playbook for World-Class Employee Engagement

Written by Glenn Elliott and Debra Corey
Proofed and copy edited by Ruth Thales-Carter in New York
Edited by Chloe Deiulis in Boston
Cover design and Illustrations : Leonie Williamson in London
Creative Director : Sevi Rahimova in Plovdiv

With special thanks to Doug Butler and Rob Boland

For John Wiley & Sons

Commissioning Editor : Annie Knight
Publishing Assistant : Chloe Satchell-Cobbett
Publicity : Katy Smith
Production Editor : Caroline Maria Vincent at SPi Global in Chennai, India
Project Editor : Emily Paul at SPi Global in Chennai, India

Thank you to Daniel H. Pink, Margaret Heffernan and Patty McCord for their kind and generous support


Site design & concept : Sevi Rahimova
Graphics : Leonie Williamson with Elisabetta Cecutti in London
Photography : Christopher Parkes 
Website : Rade Georgiev in Macedonia
Additional work : Alberto Marin, Anthony Purkiss and Tom Witcherley for Make Agency in London

Editorial Support : Chloe Deiulis in Boston
Copyediting : Liam Jones in London
Additional content : Amanda Wowk in New York
Bridge in Practice Series Editor : Rebecca Hastings in London

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Paul Davenport and Dziuginta Bulone


Video Production : Lucy Longley and Phil Miller at Dreaming Fish Productions
New York & Boston Filming : Mike Cooke at Mike Cooke TV
San Francisco & UK Filming : Robert Kettmann

Sydney & Melbourne Fiming : Vanessa Grace and Kathy Moran at 1 Minute Media
Additional UK Filming : Dreaming Fish Productions

Marketing & Communications

Marketing Director : Jonathan Burg in Boston
Social Media : Charlie Taylor and Gemma Mathewman in London
Project Communications at Reward Gateway : Catrin Lewis in London

Marketing : Brian D'Angelo
Representation :  Cathy Lewis for CS Lewis Publicity and David Ratner for Ratner PR
Additional outreach : Vadim Libermann at Starr Conspiracy

Representation in UK : Joey Green for FanClub PR

Marketing : Paul Limbers



"I can do things you cannot.
You can do things I cannot.
Together we can do great things."

Mother Theresa