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Anne Allen

Director of People Experience, Xero (UK)

Meet Anne

Anne is the Director of People Experience for Xero in the United Kingdom, a New Zealand headquartered but global company that makes accounting software for small businesses.

In the Rebel Playbook

Anne’s play is in the book, Chapter 6 - Management, and is titled “Creating a SMARTA goal-setting process”. We share how Xero have put their own spin on the traditional “SMART” goal setting approach, adding an extra “A” to create a more innovative, engaging and aliged “SMARTA” goal setting process.  

This new process has taken goal setting to a more strategic level.  It’s helped managers and employees work together to align individual goals with business goals, giving employees clarity as to how their role supports the overall business’s purpose and mission.

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Want more Anne?

Anne is a regular blogger on the Xero website and HR blogs and magazines around the world. Some of our favourite articles are


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