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Elliot Felix

Founder & CEO, Brightspot Strategy

Elliot is the Founder of brightspot strategy, a consulting company that helps organizations reimagine, rethink and redesign their workspace so that their people have remarkable experiences.


In the Rebel Playbook

We talked extensively to Elliot when researching Chapter 11 - Workspace. We learned lots from him about how companies are starting to rethink the workspace around the different types of work being done during the working day.

He told us that 60% of the working day is spent collaborating but often only 20% of a workspace is dedicated to collaboration. That's why you can never find a meeting room!

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The Rebel Interview

Glenn met Elliot in his NYC office and they talked for hours. In the episode, Elliot shares his tips for:

  • What factors you need to consider to make a workplace work for your people
  • How to create or redesign a supportive workplace with a limited budget
  • How to showcase your people, your purpose, and your values in the office
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