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Jamie Getgood

HR Director (Manufacturing), GM Holden

Jamie was the HR Director for Manufacturing at GM Holden, Australia’s largest car manufacturer and subsidiary of the U.S. automotive giant. After successfully leading the company through the plant’s closure in 2017, Jamie set up his own consulting company, Getgood Consulting, helping others who face similar engagement challenges.

Based in Adelaide, Jamie was named the ALEA Australian Leader / Manager of the year in 2017.

In the Rebel Playbook

Jamie's play is in the book, Chapter 4 - Open & Honest Communication, and is titled “Communicating and leading a business through challenging times”. GM Holden’s story is one that movies are made about - a company faced with the challenge of closing down their plant, the challenge of having to engage their workforce ramping up to the closure, and the award-winning results they achieved.  In the book we share their story, with Jamie explaining their rebellious approach to communicating and engaging with their employees leading up to the plant closure.

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The Rebel Interview

Jamie took a rebel risk when he broke the news of closing the company’s manufacturing plant four years ahead of time. Debra Corey spoke with him to hear how he successfully transitioned 85% of his staff–and kept them engaged in the mean time. In the interview, Jamie shares his tips for:

  • How to make the last car, the best car
  • Why you should always default to transparency with your employees
  • How to get the leadership right to drive engagement and culture
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