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Jonathan Crookall

Group HR Director, Halfords

Meet Jonathan

Jonathan is the Group HR Director at Halford’s, a leisure and car accessory retailer with 460 stores across the United Kingdom.

In the Rebel Playbook

Jonathan’s play is in the book, Chapter 5 - Leadership, and is titled “Creating a leadership model that drives results”.

Jonathan shares Halford’s ‘big four, the leadership model they’ve designed and incorporated into the business, resulting in what I’d call the ‘big three’ -  higher employee engagement, customer service and company profits.

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The Rebel Interview

Halfords understands that service is what sets them apart from their online competitors, and that it’s their employees that deliver this service each and every day to each and every customer. In this video Jonathan shares his tips for:

  • The importance of leaders to a business and to their workforce
  • How to create a leadership model that helps managers create and maintain an engaged workforce
  • How to use data to measure and drive engagement
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Want more Jonathan?

As well as being Halfords' people director Jonathan is on boards for equality, inclusion and CSR initiatives. Learn more about Jonathan with these videos and articles:



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