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Magda Lategan

Vice President HR, Estée Lauder Australia

Magda is the Vice President HR for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa for Estée Lauder, an innovative company who manufacture and market high quality skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care brands and products.


In the Rebel Playbook

Magda’s play is in the book, Chapter 8 - Learning, and is titled “A high-touch approach to learning”. In this play we share how Estée Lauder created an innovative and highly successful executive leadership training program, one that through a high-touch approach develops the ‘whole person’ - their mind, body and spirit.

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The Rebel Interview

Now a VP of HR, Magda Lategan has worked for Estée Lauder for almost 30 years. The keys to her rebel success? Debra Corey sat down with her to find out:

  • How to develop people to think outside their mindsets
  • Why leaders of all levels should learn together
  • How to train and develop for key leadership messages
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