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Sam Dunn

Founder & CEO, Robin

Sam is the Co-Founder & CEO of Robin, a company that builds office management and scheduling software.

Sam has created a workplace where people want to come back to, doing so through their open, inclusive and people-focused approach to their workforce.

In the Rebel Playbook

When writing The Rebel Playbook, we consulted with Sam on several topics. His past experience of running a web design agency combined with his current role running a tech startup means he had lots to share on how to create a great environment for engineers to do their best.

We quoted Sam in Chapter 8 - Learning.

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The Rebel Interview

In this interview, Sam met Glenn and shared his tips for :

  • How to look past tenure to find your best talent  
  • How transparency spreads the weight and the work
  • The top three questions you need to ask in every interview
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