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Trent Innes

Managing Director, Xero Australia

Meet Trent

Trent is the Managing Director of Xero in Australia, a New Zealand headquartered but global company that makes accounting software for small businesses.

In 2017, Trent received the Australian HR Award for the ‘HR Champion (CEO) of the Year’, showcasing his commitment and focus on his people.

In the Rebel Playbook

Trent isn't mentioned in the book specifically, but we do have a play for Xero in Chapter 6 - Management called "Creating a SMARTA Goal-Setting Process" in which we spoke to Anne Allen, Director of People Experience for Xero UK.

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The Rebel Interview

In the midst of a rapidly-growing employee and customer base, Trent sat down with Debra Corey to share his keys for success. Amongst his rebel views? Creating a culture of vulnerability where leaders thrive on freedom, and employees can be authentic. In this interview Trent shares his tips for:

  • Hiring employees that are better than you
  • How to shine your values to connect your customers and partners with your brand
  • Why HR needs to be embedded in the business
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