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David Cancel

Founder, Drift.com and author of HYPERGROWTH

Meet David

David is the CEO of Drift, which is a leading conversation-driven sales & marketing platform, the author of the book “HYPERGROWTH”, and the co-host of the much-listened to ‘Seeking Wisdom’ podcast.

In the Rebel Playbook

David’s play is in the book, Chapter 7 - Job Design, and is titled “Creating Autonomy and Accountability through Job Design”. David shares the approach he’s used as he’s built Drift, structuring jobs and teams it in a way that “intrinsically placed the customer ahead of everything else”. It not only does this, but has provided greater job satisfaction and engagement of team members.

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Want more David?

David has his own website which talks about the importance of gathering customer feedback, and regularly contribute's to the Drift blog. He also co-presents the podcast 'Seeking Wisdom' alongside VP of Marketing Dave Gerhardt.



When it comes to building a great product, a great team, and a great brand, relying solely on the ideas of internal stakeholders will get you nowhere. The key to achieving HYPERGROWTH is to always be listening to — and communicating with — your customers.

In the book, David shares a new approach for building products and structuring teams that makes customer communication a central priority. He tells the story of how his customer-driven approach started out as a test with a product team, transformed an entire organization, and sparked a new movement.


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