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Denise Hanlon

Former HR Director, Vocus Communications

Meet Denise

Denise has the fantastic job title of "Bosslady" at her own HR consultancy, Hanlon HR, but when we interviewed her for the book she was the HR Director at Vocus Communications, an Australian telecoms company.

In the Rebel Playbook

One of Denise’s plays is in the book in Chapter 4 - Purpose, Mission & Values, titled “Creating a common language through values”. This play shares Vocus’s rebellious values, which are, as Denise says, “practical, irreverent, and a bit cheeky ”,  helping unite the business after a merger. We also have a bonus play called "A wellbeing benefit built on trust". 

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The Rebel Interview

Denise Hanlon is known in the industry for being an HR rebel. During her time at Vocus Communications, she didn’t shy away from orchestrating no-nonsense values that earned her some looks. In this interview with Debra Corey, Denise share her tips for

  • Using values to thread an organization (or organizations) together
  • How to hire for awesome
  • How to build HR policies and programs around the 99%
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