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Mathew Paine

Director of Human Resources, ICC Sydney

Meet Mathew

Mathew is the Director of HR for the ICC Sydney, an exhibition and convention centre in Australia that is dedicated to bringing extraordinary experiences to its visitors.

In the Rebel Playbook

Mathew’s play is in the book, Chapter 9 - Recognition, and is titled “Recognizing an offline workforce”.  In this play Mathew shares how they put in place a recognition program for a workforce where only 20% sit in front of a computer, aligning and recognizing against their EVP of “together we do the extraordinary”.

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The Rebel Interview

In 2016 Mathew was tasked with opening the new 1.5 billion dollar International Convention Center Sydney, and attracting and hiring 1,800 new employees. He spoke to Debra Corey about why he prioritized implementing a custom-made employee recognition program from day one and shares his tips for:

  • How to align your reward program with your employee value proposition
  • Why you should make reward and recognition about choice
  • How to touch all demographics across your employee base
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Want more Mathew?

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