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Paul Venables

Founder, Venables Bell & Partners

Meet Paul

Paul is the Founder and CEO of Venables Bell & Partners, a San Francisco-based advertising agency that sees their employees as the product - or "craftsmen" - of everything they do”.

In the Rebel Playbook

Paul’s play is in the book, Chapter 9 - Recognition, and is titled “Giving the boot to traditional recognition awards”. Paul shares the company’s recognition programs that are far from traditional, taking creativity to the next level. From a life-sized glass boot award for long-service, to the golden toilet and ass-kicker of the year awards given at their annual recognition event, this shows innovation in a completely different way.

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The Rebel Interview

In this installment of the rebel interview series, Paul shares with Debra his tips for:

  • Creating a long-service award that does so much more than celebrate a milestone.
  • Designing recognition awards such as the ‘golden toilet award’, ‘asskicker of the year’ and ‘spouse/significant other/partner award’ that recognize employees in unique and meaningful ways.
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