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Sally Park

Head of People, Krispy Kreme

Meet Sally

Sally is the Head of People for Krispy Kreme in Australia, a company famous for their absolutely delicious donuts.

In the Rebel Playbook

Sally’s play is in the book, Chapter 3 - Open & Honest Communication, and is titled “Bringing all the ingredients together to create engagement”.

We share what Sally has done to use communication as a strategic tool to engage and connect their workforce to their business goals and to their company values. Their innovative approach has given employees “exposure to the business beyond what they see every day, and context for how their role fits into the bigger picture” says Sally.

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The Rebel Interview

Ad hoc emails? Outdated posters? Krispy Kreme’s Sally Park knew the company could improve its communication style. Debra Corey sat down with Sally chat about their new communication platform and strategy–and why it’s all about the employees.

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