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KFC Australia had what Rob Phipps, Chief People Officer, would describe as traditional individual development plans (IDPs) for the fast food organization’s 34,000 team members. That’s fine for some organizations, but for a company that’s committed to making a difference in the Australian community, with one out of 700 Australians working there at some point in their careers, they felt they needed to do more—to help their young workforce, with an average age of 17, understand and map out their life goals, and to align with the KFC people promise of “be your best self,” “make a difference” and “have fun.”

Working with the Career Industry Council of Australia, KFC created a new online program called “#myplan”, which helps team members create personal career and development plans, and recognize career opportunities both within and outside KFC. According to Phipps, “We didn’t want to replace the job of a career counselor at school because our managers aren’t trained to do that. We wanted to start a conversation and then get team members to go home and talk to their parents or career counselors to go further.”

The Play

The #myplan program includes two modules, one for managers and one for team members. The manager module helps managers feel comfortable with the process, providing coaching and mentoring tips and practical information about steps and actions to be taken. The 20-minute team member module asks questions about what they want to be and do, and what goals they want to achieve. The result is an action plan providing a framework for self-reflection, self-evaluation and setting life goals. It can be used in discussions internally with managers, as well as externally with career counselors and parents.

Young Worker.001

The program has only been in place for a year, but 4,000 team members have already gone through it. Phipps says the company is already seeing positive results and even individual success stories, such as one team member who was thinking of going into a career in nutrition and, by flagging this through the program, received training and support to achieve this by working in the KFC food innovation team.

#myplan is a great example of a company giving back to its employees. As Phipps says, “It’s filling a gap by offering a program to help team members set a direction and achieve their goals. Whether it’s deciding they want to become a teacher or a nurse, saving for a holiday or a new car, or deciding they want to lose weight, #myplan helps them with this journey.”

It's filling a gap by offering a program to help team members set a direction and achieve their goals.

In Practice

  • Create bite-sized training videos, with or without quizzes, to give your employees constant, evolving and engaging learning tools.
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