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Hello. If you have landed on this page it probably means you followed the link in The Rebel Playbook from our play about CarTrawler and are looking forward to watching a rebel interview with Gillian talking about how how they updated their values to support reflect the business through a period of growth and 'growing up'.

We have to admit that we got a little bit over excited when writing the book and created a small handful of links to interviews with rebels that we haven't been able to talk to yet. Sorry about that!

We have a great selection of interviews with some other amazing HR rebels which you can search for on our Featured Rebels page, or take a look at our YouTube channel for more inspiration and further learning on purpose, mission & values.

We've also listed below some articles by Glenn & Debra that we think you'll find useful:

GlennScaling Company Culture As You Grow (glennelliott.me)


Debra Crey

Company Values And DNA: The Differences That Make Us Special (Forbes)
Recognition Can Help Connect People to Your Values and Mission (TLNT)


Plus you'll find some really great articles on the Reward Gateway blog: